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This week also includes a keynote speech given at the Global Mining Investment Conference in London.

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WELCOME to fairtrade Gemstones

Fair Trade Gemstones is a family business started by David Hargreaves, a mining engineer who has spent more than 25 years developing and consulting to the gemstone industry in both diamonds and coloured stones. He has developed gemstone mines in Africa which are prototypes and early examples of fair trade practice. He still consults extensively in the diamond and gemstone trade. He holds first class mine manager certificates in the UK and South Africa and, as a miner himself, understands and develops mines which uphold his principles.

What is Fair Trade?

Most people have heard of the Kimberley Process, which is intended to stop the blood diamond trade. Our Fair Trade gemstones principles go far beyond just one single issue. Fair Trade principles encompass:

Fair Labour conditions: Safe and comfortable working environment Minimum age requirements Fair compensation Appropriate bonus structure and healthcare

Community Benefit: Improved infrastructure: roads, electricity, communications A meaningful and sustainable difference to the social, economic and environmental life of the local community, for example through building of schools and/or hospitals

Environmental Protection: Conservation of streams, watershed and groundwater and their marine life Restoration of the original environment after completion of mining

Product Integrity: Legal and transparent supply chain to ensure all import, export and payment standards Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the gems’ provenance and authenticity. Consumer education materials.