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About us

Fair Trade Gemstones is a family business started by David Hargreaves, a mining engineer who has spent more than 25 years developing and consulting to the gemstone industry in both diamonds and coloured stones.

He has developed gemstone mines in Africa which are prototypes and early examples of fair trade practice. He still consults extensively in the diamond and gemstone trade.

He holds first class mine manager certificates in the UK and South Africa and, as a miner himself, understands and develops mines which uphold his principles.



Our Diamonds

We source our diamonds from Canada, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.  We guarantee our diamonds are natural and untreated.  They are accompanied by major diamond laboratory certificates including, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate and the CanadaMark certificate card.  



Our Gems

We offer the widest variety of loose natural coloured gemstones on the market. Whether you're interested in superior cut melee, standard calibrated cuts, single one-of-a-kind award winning cuts, or even gem carvings - Fairtrade Gemstones has the variety and quality you need.

Moreover, we are also a supplier of brand-name exotic gemstones including Tashmarine®, Cortez Pearls®, Grape Garnet®, Fire Citrine®, Spice Pearls®, Imperial Diopside®, Royal Kings Plain Sapphire®, Purple Sage® Chalcedony, Seafoam Tourmaline® and Nyala® Ruby and Sapphire.



Fair trade Gemstones - Respecting our earth and people


Our mission

  • Making the supply transparent.
  • To provide a fully traceable diamond from its country of origin through to the cutter and polisher, an unbroken supply chain.
  • Educating the consumer, to know how and where their diamond comes from.


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